Jean-Louis’s heterosexual middle-class paradise is upset when he discovers gay pornography in the bathroom.

  • Belgium
  • 2006, 18 min
  • Director: Xavier Diskeuve
  • Director of photography: Damien Chemin, Gil Decamp
  • Editor: Alexandre Dinant
  • Screenplay: Xavier Diskeuve
  • Music: Axel de Kirianov
  • Cast: François Maniquet, Christelle Cornil, Nicolas Buysse
  • Contacts: Benzine Production
  • Producer: Stéphane Quinet
  • Production: Benzine Production

Xavier Diskeuve

Xavier Diskeuve (1962, Belgium) works as a journalist. He debuted with La chanson-chanson (2002), followed by Mon cousin Jacques. Revolution has so far been his latest film.