How does running feel? How does a runner experience the world, his environment, his body, his mind. A man running in the flood of 50,000 bodies captured during the Great North Run.

  • United Kingdom
  • 2006, 12 min
  • Director: Michael Baig Clifford, Ravi Deepres
  • Director of photography: Michael Baig-Clifford, Ravi Deepres, Richard Ranken
  • Editor: Stephen Killick
  • Music: Zoviet France
  • Cast: Malcom "Mac" Stephenson
  • Contacts: Nova International
  • Producer: Beth Rowson
  • Production: Nova International

Michael Baig Clifford, Ravi Deepres

Michael Baig Clifford studied Film and Television at Middlesex University. He has shot TV documentaries and directed several sequels to the British series “Doctors”. His first short film Bouncer (2002) was nominated for BAFTA Award and his following short Brown Paper Bag won the prize.