Shadow Man

A young girl, left at home insufficiently supervised, strikes up an ambiguous friendship with two men who have broken into a neighbouring derelict house.

  • United Kingdom
  • 2002, 12 min
  • Director: Amanda Rudman
  • Director of photography: Mary Farbrother
  • Editor: Elen Pierce-Lewis
  • Screenplay: Carey Born
  • Music: Rob Lane
  • Cast: Liam Cunningham, Julia Ford, Rob Jarvis, Leah Carroll
  • Contacts: British Council
  • Producer: Lisa Lake
  • Production: Mustard Films

Amanda Rudman

Amanda Rudman graduated form National Film and Television School, winning acclaim for documentaries investigating global tobacco companies (India Exhales), a Ukraine steel plant (Toxic Pizza) and Surrey housewives who fell for bellydancing (Shake Sheikh Shake). Shadow Man (2002) is her first film and has won several awards.