Animated film about a boy, who has just suffered the loss of his mother and has cause for concern when his dog falls ill.

  • United Kingdom
  • 2001, 6 min
  • Director: Suzie Templeton
  • Director of photography: Suzie Templeton
  • Editor: Tony Fish
  • Screenplay: Suzie Templeton
  • Music: Kostas Kyriakidis
  • Contacts: British Council
  • Production: Royal College of Art

Suzie Templeton

Suzie Templeton (1967, United Kingdom) has a degree in animation from London’s Royal College of Art. Her second short film Dog (2002) won BAFTA Awar for Best Short Animation in 2002. Her latest 30-minute animation Peter and the Wolf (2006) premiered at the Royal Albert Hall with a live symphonic orchestra this September.