The Other Room

I had a dream. Again, I dreamt about the same woman. She was driving down the night highway and then she entered an empty room... Two photographs, two lives, two rooms.

  • Mexico
  • 2006, 14 min
  • Director: Acán Coen
  • Director of photography: Ciro Cabello
  • Editor: Aram Coen
  • Screenplay: Acán Coen
  • Music: Gustavo Reyes
  • Cast: Fabiana Percabal, Ari Brickman
  • Contacts: IMCINE - Mexican Film Institute
  • Producer: Susana Cumarena, Itzia Pintado, Sara Rubalcaba
  • Production: IMCINE

Acán Coen

Acán Coen (1968, Mexico) was born in London into a Mexican family and spent his childhood travelling between Mexico and Spain. He studied film, photography, theatre and scriptwriting. He works as a scriptwriter. The Other Room (El otro cuarto, 2006) is his third film.