Systole - Diastole

The secret loves of the members of a large family are revealed during a boat ride through Xochimilco´s floating gardens, culminating in a suicide attempt during the calling of the Lottery´s Grand Prize.

  • Mexico
  • 1998, 22 min
  • Director: Carlos Cuarón
  • Director of photography: Eduardo Martínez Solarez
  • Editor: Felipe Gómez, Carlos Cuarón
  • Screenplay: Carlos Cuarón, Alfonso Cuarón
  • Music: Santiago Ojeda
  • Cast: Salma Hayek, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Roberto Sosa
  • Contacts: IMCINE - Mexican Film Institute
  • Producer: Pelayo Gutiérrez
  • Production: IMCINE

Carlos Cuarón

Carlos Cuarón (1966, Mexico) is Alfonso Cuarón’s younger brother. The two collaborated on the screenplay for And your Mother Too (Y tu mamá también). He has also written a script for El misterio del trinidad (2003) and shot five short films. Systole – Diastole (1998) was his first.