The Cornfield

This cornfield is the only one left of their land. That’s why the “campesinos” have decided to take the Virgin from the church to their field, hoping Her presence will bring the miracle of rain. Angela reminisces over her youth during the Mexican Revolution, a time when myths, sensuality, war and pain were everyday occurrences.

  • Mexico
  • 2002, 27 min
  • Director: Patricia Riggen
  • Director of photography: Francesco "Checco" Varese
  • Editor: Víctor Marín, José Peláez, Mario Sandoval
  • Screenplay: Patricia Riggen
  • Music: Rosino Serrano
  • Cast: Leticia Gutiérrez, Socorro Avelar, Magali Boysselle
  • Contacts: IMCINE - Mexican Film Institute
  • Producer: Patricia Riggen, Miguel Urbina, Álvaro Donado
  • Production: IMCINE, PR Films, Cine Rent, FONCA, ITESO

Patricia Riggen

Patricia Riggen (Mexico) began as a scriptwriter for TV documentaries and later joined the Mexican Film Institute as a short film producer. She has graduated from Columbia University, New York with a degree in Scriptwriting and Film Directing and she is currently developing her first feature. Her first film The Cornfield (La Milpa, 2002) won the 2003 Student Oscar.