Night Story

In the early morning, a man leaves a train station and takes a taxi. It should have been a short, uneventful ride, but chance crosses the path of the three strangers many times more than any of them would wish to.

  • Portugal
  • 2005, 19 min
  • Director: Victor Candeias
  • Director of photography: André Szankowski
  • Editor: Rui Rosa
  • Screenplay: Victor Candeias
  • Music: Nuno Tempero
  • Cast: Filipe Duarte, Henrique Viana, Pedro Alpiarça
  • Contacts: Mediterrânea - Filmes & Multimédia
  • Producer: Victor Candeias
  • Production: Mediterrânea

Victor Candeias

Victor Candeias (1963, Portugal), after directing a few commercials and documentaries in Portugal, he wrote, produced and directed Night Story, his first fiction project.