Silence Is Golden

My neighbour’s a right looney. He’s always banging our wall down. I’m used to it. I think other people’s houses are well weird. There’s no knocki’ – right?

  • United Kingdom, France
  • 2006, 15 min
  • Director: Chris Shepherd
  • Director of photography: John Rhodes
  • Editor: Justine Wright
  • Screenplay: Chris Shepherd
  • Music: Oliver Davis, John Moore
  • Cast: Conor Morris, Andrew Dunford, Kate McCloughlin
  • Contacts: Slinky Pictures Ltd.
  • Producer: Maria Manton
  • Production: Slinky Pictures

Chris Shepherd

Chris Shepherd (1966, United Kingdom) set up a production company called Polkadot in 1995. He has made seven films, which won numerous awards, most notably: The Broken Jaw (1997), Dad’s Dead (2002) and Who I Am and What I Want (2005).