The Story of Bubbleboy

In a stab-happy world, a sad outcast wrestles with his demons. The story of Bubbleboy is a film about being trapped by the past and redeemed by the future.

  • Australia
  • 2006, 6 min
  • Director: Sean Ascroft
  • Director of photography: John Simpson
  • Editor: Sean Ascroft
  • Screenplay: Karl Mather
  • Music: Hylton Mowday
  • Cast: Andrew Supranz, Nina Pearce
  • Contacts: Sean Ascroft
  • Producer: Kristy Fransen
  • Production: Seven Gods Films

Sean Ascroft

Sean Ascroft (Australia) graduated from School of Visual Arts. Since than he has been making TV commercials for two decades. The Story of Bubbleboy (2006) is his first short film.