It´s My Turn Now

At a certain point you suddenly become overwhelmed by a clear feeling: I can’t stand it any longer. Somebody else will have to put up with that from now on. This film is about a woman who reaches this point as she lands with her freshly washed laundry in the autumn mud.

  • Sweden
  • 2005, 7 min
  • Director: Jörgen Hjerdt
  • Director of photography: Charlotta Tengroth fsf
  • Editor: Annika Berntson
  • Screenplay: Jörgen Hjerdt
  • Music: Daniel Hjorth
  • Cast: Kasja Reingardt
  • Contacts: Jörgen Hjerdt, Stroza Industries
  • Producer: Charlotte Rafsten
  • Production: Stroza Industries

Jörgen Hjerdt

Jörgen Hjerdt (1973, Sweden) is a director, screenwriter and dramatist. He has shot several music videos and four short films.