Sweet Dreams

At night, she dreams about it, during the day, she thinks she is dreaming. Sadness surrounds Elise like a bubble. To break it reqiures a lot of effort.

  • France
  • 2005, 20 min
  • Director: Marilyne Canto
  • Director of photography: Laurent Brunet
  • Editor: Thomas Marchand
  • Screenplay: Maryline Canto
  • Music: Glen Mercer, Bill Million
  • Cast: Marilyne Canto, Antoine Chappey, Louis Chappey
  • Contacts: Dharamsala
  • Producer: Emmanuel Giraud
  • Production: Les Films de la Croisade

Marilyne Canto

Marilyne Canto (1963, France) is an actress staring in over twenty films directed, among others, by Raul Ruiz and Claude Chabrol. She shot her first short film Noodles (Nouilles) in 1987. Sweet Dreams (Faix de beaux rêves, 2006) is her second film.