A young man has a car break-down and is stranded on a lonely country road, when a peculiar woman crosses his path and he suddenly finds himself part of a ludicrous family drama. A surreal road movie.

  • Germany
  • 2006, 20 min
  • Director: Florian Schoenherr
  • Director of photography: Philip Flaemig
  • Editor: Reiner Krausz
  • Screenplay: Florian Schoenherr
  • Music: FunDeMental (Al Lucas)
  • Cast: Anna Thalbach, Hinnerk Schoenemann, Sven Lubek, Mathias Bernhold
  • Contacts: STOKED FILM
  • Producer: Andreas Messerschmidt
  • Production: Stoked Film

Florian Schoenherr

Florian Schoenherr (1965, Switzerland) studied Sociology, Political Science, Drama and Film. He worked as a journalist and assistant. Klytaemnestra-Pocket (Klytaemnestra, 2006) is his first film.