The Train

The train is a meeting point where people sometimes spent enough time together to find out more than just where they are travelling from and where they are heading. Is this how one could make a friend?

  • France
  • 2005, 18 min
  • Director: Brahim Fritah
  • Director of photography: Pascal Lagriffoul
  • Editor: Catherine Mantion
  • Screenplay: Brahim Fritah
  • Cast: Mostefa Djadjam, Raphaël Ferret, Alfred Cohen, Aïssa Maïga
  • Contacts: Les Films Sauvages
  • Producer: Jean-Christophe Soulageon
  • Production: Les Films Sauvages

Brahim Fritah

Brahim Fritah (1973, France) studied at the Higher School of Decorative Arts (Ensad) in Paris in the video and photography section. He directed Chronique d’un balayeur (Chronicles of a Sweeper, 1999) and two documentaries: El Censo (The Tax, 2002) and A Woman Alone (La femme seule, 2005). In 2003 he was selected for the Cinefondation at the Cannes Film Festival. He is currently working on his two feature projects.