Avatar: 1) Chance event that usually involves a sudden change in the course of something. Change of fortune. 2) Tests someone goes through. 3) Inconstancy or alternation of prosperous and adverse events.

  • Spain
  • 2005, 15 min
  • Director: Lluís Quílez
  • Director of photography: Isaac Vila
  • Editor: Jordi Arañó
  • Screenplay: Lluís Quílez
  • Music: Carles Cases
  • Cast: Sebastian Haro, Rosana Pastor, Gerard Villegas
  • Contacts: Just Films, S.L.
  • Producer: Joan Ginard, Jordi Herreros
  • Production: Just Films

Lluís Quílez

Lluís Quílez (1978, Spain) has a degree in Film Directing from ESCAC. He has been working as an assistant director and a director of commercials. He has made six short films so far; the two latest ones – The Other (El Siguiente, 2004) and Avatar (2005) have won a number of awards including the Oscar nomination. He is currently writing a script for his feature debut.