Adults Only

As several men and women perform their daily, practical tasks and three children silently suffer their weekly piano lessons, a metaphor is spun and a vicious cycle exposed.

  • Malaysia
  • 2006, 10 min
  • Director: Yeo Joon Han
  • Director of photography: Eric Yeong
  • Editor: Kate James
  • Screenplay: Yeo Joon Han
  • Music: George Gershwin, Nick Heyward
  • Cast: Peona Lee, Alvin Kwan, William Low
  • Contacts: Amok Films Sdn Bhd
  • Producer: Yeo Joon Han
  • Production: Amok Films

Yeo Joon Han

Joon Han (1969, Malaysia) was born in a (then) small Malaysian town, fell in love with literature and drama in Singapore; skived off Law classes and wrote a musical in London; went to Court, wrote advertising copy and finally became a filmmaker in Kuala Lumpur. Adults Only (2006), Joon Han’s first film recently won the Special Mention at the 2006 Venice Film Festival.