Propaganda Triplets!

Violeta, Rosa and Celeste, orphan triplets that have shared the same liquid environment from the maternal womb, are unbeatable champions in synchronized swim. They have been promoted by a small town Colonel that transformed them into the symbol of his political propaganda. Everything is arranged to participate in the Olympic Games, but Rosa unexpectedly falls in love.

  • Argentina
  • 2006, 15 min
  • Director: Fernardo Salem
  • Director of photography: Georgina Pretto
  • Editor: Mercedes Oliveira
  • Screenplay: Fernardo Salem, Laura Litvinoff
  • Music: Juan Ignacio Bernardis
  • Cast: Eliana Antar, Fernando Roa, Romina Sznaider
  • Contacts: ENERC
  • Producer: Fernardo Salem, Georgina Pretto
  • Production: ENERC

Fernardo Salem

Fernando Salem (Argentina) graduated from Escuela Nacional de Experimentación y Realización Cinematográfica  and also has a degree in Social Communication from The University of Buenos Aires. He has made two documentaries. Propaganda Triplets! (Trillizas propaganda!, 2006) is his second film.