How Do You Break Going Downhill?

Engulfed in a new delirium crisis, Nadia’s father calls her for help. Another time... But she wants it to be the last: she decides to sever a link that is too strong. Before taking him back to the hospital for good, she chooses to spend his last days of “freedom” with him...

  • France
  • 2006, 18 min
  • Director: Alix Delaporte
  • Director of photography: Claire Mathon
  • Editor: Louis Goldschmidt
  • Screenplay: Alix Delaporte
  • Music: Les Recycleurs de Bruits
  • Cast: Clotilde Hesme, Jean Baptiste Malarte
  • Contacts: Why Not Productions
  • Producer: Hélène Cases
  • Production: Why not productions

Alix Delaporte

Alix Delaporte(1969, France) has a degree in modern history and scriptwriting from FEMIS, Paris. He makes reports, documentaries and TV series. His first short film Le Piege (2003) was followed by How Do You Break Going Downhill? (Comment on freine dans une descente?, 2006), a Silver Lion winner at this year’s Venice Film Festival.