Never Like the First Time!

An animated film where four people tell the story of their first time. Four experiences ranging from comedy to tragedy and even horror, told by the people involved and illustrated by diverse animation techniques. Golden Bear at this year’s Berlin IFF.

  • Sweden
  • 2006, 15 min
  • Director: Jonas Odell
  • Director of photography: Per Helin
  • Editor: Jonas Odell
  • Screenplay: Jonas Odell
  • Music: Krister Linder
  • Cast: Mikael Brolin, Rebecca Haridi, Jenny Holmström
  • Contacts: Swedish Film Institute
  • Producer: Susanne Granlöf
  • Production: Filmtecknarna F. Animation AB

Jonas Odell

Jonas Odell (1962, Sweden) is a cofounder of FilmTecknarna, which produces animated films, commercials and music videos. Apart from Never Like the First Time (Aldrig som första gången!, 2006) he has shot two short films – Otto (1997) and Family & Friends (Släkt & vänner, 2002) – and also for instance, a video for Franz Ferdinand’s Take me out.