You have a little time and feel like watching something? The easiest way to get what you want is by putting on a VR helmet and choosing from the virtual experiences on offer. This is how things could work before long. If you would like to try out this technology of the future today, we’re giving you a chance to learn about and experience the Transport project.

Transport is an independent VR community network for extraordinary authors and unconventional simulations. The network was established by Wevr, an up-and-coming Californian company whose aim is to provide viewers all around the world with immersive and formally innovative VR experiences and allow their creators to get as much viewer feedback as possible. In this way, Wevr hopes to contribute to the development of the VR medium as such.

This block of interactive films will offer you the following four VR titles:


theBlu: Season 1

Gnomes & Goblins


  • USA
  • 2017, 30 min
  • Director: různí režiséři / various directors
  • Contacts: Wevr