Fucking Bunnies

Raimo is a middle-aged Finnish man living with his wife in the suburbs of Helsinki. His comfy middle-class bubble is burst when a satan worshipping sex cult moves in next door. 

  • Finland
  • 2017, 17 min
  • Director: Teemu Niukkanen
  • Director of photography: Matti Eerikäinen
  • Editor: Antti Reikko
  • Screenplay: Antti Toivonen, Teemu Niukkanen
  • Cast: Jouko Puolanto, Janne Reinikainen, Minna Suuronen
  • Contacts: Elokuvayhtiö Komeetta
  • Art Director: Heini Erving
  • Producer: Daniel Kuitunen
  • Production: Elokuvayhtiö Komeetta Oy

20.1. 21:00 Praha | Světozor - Grand Hall

Teemu Niukkanen

Teemu Niukkanen

Director Teemu Niukkanen, born 1978, is an awarded director living in Helsinki, Finland. Niukkanen started his directing career writing and directing online scetch comedy series. Later on he has directed dozens of music videos, couple of hundred commercial films and three tv comedy shows. Dark comedy ”Fucking Bunnies” is his first fictional short film. Niukkanen is said to be ”the master of lame”.