Strange Beasts

'Strange Beasts' is an augmented reality game. It allows you to create and grow your own 'pet'. How far can it go?

  • United Kingdom
  • 2017, 6 min
  • Director: Magali Barbe
  • Director of photography: Anthony Guiry
  • Editor: Magali Barbe
  • Screenplay: Magali Barbe
  • Music: Pierre Vedovato
  • Cast: Timothy Renouf, Poppy Polivnick
  • Art Director: Vincent Aupetit
  • Coproduction: Red Knuckles
  • Producer: Magali Barbe
  • Production: Peanut

20.1. 19:00 Praha | Kino Pilotů
21.1. 14:30 Praha | Světozor - Grand Hall

Magali Barbe

Magali Barbe

Magali Barbe is a French/British director based in London. She studied Fine Arts / Academic drawing, illustration and graphic design at Esag penninghen (Paris) and production and animation at Bournemouth University. She has a VFX background and has worked as an animator on big-budget Hollywood movies (e.g. Avatar, Fantastic Beasts, Kingsman 2) as well as commercial projects. 'Strange Beasts' is her first short film. She is currently writing a feature out of 'Strange Beasts' and working on her next short.