What Happens to the Mountain

A lone driver on a long journey to the unknown travels through the American landscape as night is falling. With the approaching monolith of Devils Tower, however, his perception of the passing horizon changes. The film begins to warp into an almost hallucinogenic vision of the afterlife called forth by the mysterious spirit of the mountain. What Happens to the Mountain is an engaging tribute to a sacred landscape, but also a meditation on experiencing one’s own death, with esthetics inspired by literature, late night radio, and ancient legends.

  • USA
  • 2016, 11 min
  • Director: Christin Turner
  • Director of photography: Christin Turner
  • Editor: Christin Turner
  • Screenplay: Caleb Addison
  • Cast: Sage Keeler
  • Contacts: Christin Turner

18.1. 18:00 Praha | Světozor - Small Hall
21.1. 18:00 Praha | Světozor - Small Hall

Christin Turner

Christin Turner

Christin Turner (b. 1985, North Carolina, USA) is a filmmaker and video artist living and working in Colorado where she is also finishing her MFA in Film Studies and Production at the University of Colorado Boulder, developed by experimental filmmakers Stan Brakhage, Phil Solomon, Jeanne Liotta, and Kelly Sears. Her work is marked by an effort to find transcendence through the medium of film. Her abstract movies and music videos have toured with musicians around the world and were included under the title Distract Abject Objekt in MoMA’s Abstract Currents (2013). At present, her feature Limbo in Paradise is in the works.