Do you know why a lion has to run fast? So that he can catch himself an antelope for lunch. But what happens when a lion grows lazy, gains weight and gets out of shape? This film will show you just that, and you’ll also learn that as comfortable as it is to just lounge on a sofa, we all should get up from time to time and do some serious workout.

  • Germany
  • 2017, 4 min
  • Director: Julia Ocker
  • Editor: Benjamin Manns
  • Screenplay: Julia Ocker
  • Music: Christian Heck
  • Contacts: Studio FILM BILDER GmbH
  • Art Director: Julia Ocker, Kiana Naghshineh
  • Production: Studio FILM BILDER GmbH

20.1. 15:00 Praha | Bio Oko
21.1. 15:00 Praha | Aero