An anthill is no simple thing. Each ant has their task and it’s hard to imagine what would happen if one wise guy rebelled and decided to do things differently… 

  • Germany
  • 2017, 4 min
  • Director: Julia Ocker
  • Editor: Benjamin Manns
  • Screenplay: Julia Ocker
  • Music: Christian Heck
  • Contacts: Studio FILM BILDER GmbH
  • Art Director: Julia Ocker, Kiana Naghshineh, Christoph Horch
  • Production: Studio FILM BILDER GmbH

20.1. 15:00 Praha | Bio Oko
21.1. 15:00 Praha | Aero

Julia Ocker

Julia Ocker (born in 1982) is a German animator and director. She studied visual communication in Pforzheim and went on to graduate in animation from the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg with her short film Kellerkind (2012). She worked as an animator on several short and TV films.