Get Up, Kinshasa!

No polished shoes, no school! Ten-year-old Samuel is about to discover how to muddle through in beautiful Kin(shasa).

  • France, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • 2016, 20 min
  • Director: Sébastien Maitre
  • Director of photography: Rémi Mazet
  • Editor: Inès de la Bévière
  • Screenplay: Valérie Gaudissart, Sébastien Maître
  • Cast: Moïse Ilunga, Jupiter, Bryan Mbuangi Maloji, Merlin Dianda, Starlette Mathata
  • Art Director: Patouche Monzoï
  • Producer: Laura Townsend, Sébastien Maître
  • Production: La Ruche Productions

18.1. 20:30 Praha | Světozor - Small Hall
20.1. 16:00 Praha | Světozor - Grand Hall

Sébastien Maitre

Sébastien Maitre

Production Manager for 15 years, Sébastien Maitre worked on numerous feature-films and lived for several years in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). After attending a formation called « Write a Documentary Film » in 2014 Sébastien directed « Sheeted Love », his first documentary portrait. In 2015 he started working on a short film called « Wake Up Kinshasa! », as well as on « Kinshasa’s Small Jobs », a series of documentary spots reflecting life in Kinshasa.