Miriam's Hen's Dream

Hens walk around the yard, they cluck and cackle, and most importantly, they don’t fly. But what if one hen had the desire to visit foreign lands? That’s where people and their inventive ideas need to come in. 

  • Estonia
  • 2016, 5 min
  • Director: Andres Tenusaar
  • Editor: Andres Tenusaar
  • Screenplay: Andres Tenusaar
  • Music: Tiit Kikas
  • Contacts: Nukufilm OÜ
  • Art Director: Ivika luisk
  • Producer: OÜ Nukufilm

20.1. 15:00 Praha | Bio Oko
21.1. 15:00 Praha | Aero

Andres Tenusaar

Andres Tenusaar has studied art and photography. Since 2000 he has been working as an animator and film director. He has also made video for theatre and dance pieces, composed music for films, and performs often as a VJ playing his own animated videos.