[a] torsion

During the 1992-1995 siege of Sarajevo, the only connection between its denizens and the outside world was a secret tunnel under the runway. If it could speak, this tunnel would tell thousands of grim stories. The film has won many awards including Berlin's Golden Bear, the European film award in 2004 and an Oscar nomination.

  • Slovenia
  • 2002, 13 min
  • Director: Stefan Arsenijević
  • Director of photography: Vilko Filać
  • Editor: Janez Bricelj
  • Screenplay: Abdulah Sidran
  • Music: Vinci Vogue Anžlovar, Žare Prinčič
  • Cast: Davor Janjić, Admir Glamočak, Emina Muftić
  • Contacts: Slovenian Film Center
  • Producer: Jurij Košak
  • Production: Studio Arkadena

Stefan Arsenijević

Stefan Arsenijević (1977) has studied philosophy and worked as a journalist. He is currently finishing his degree in film and TV directing at Belgrade's Faculty of Drama. Films: The Plum Tree (2000), Night Porter (2001), Little Morning Story (2002), [a] torsion (2003).