Good Morning Germany

In what language does the cock crow? Ask in the melting pot of the Berlin subway.

  • Germany
  • 1998, 7 min
  • Director: Aykut Kayacik
  • Director of photography: Frank Grunert
  • Editor: Christiane Lonk
  • Screenplay: Aykut Kayacik
  • Music: Oliver Blankenburg
  • Cast: Joachim Król, Axel Pape, Andreja Schneider
  • Contacts: MDC Int. GmbH

Aykut Kayacik

Aykut Kayacik (1962, Turkey) studied architecture and acting in Berlin and has acted in theatre, film and TV. He has written and directed the following short films: Der Barmann (1993), Mein bester Freund ist ne Kartoffel (1994), Guten Morgen Deutschland (Good Morning Germany, 1998).