Good Morning Germany

In what language does the cock crow? Ask in the melting pot of the Berlin subway.

  • Germany
  • 1998, 7 min
  • Director: Aykut Kayacik
  • Director of photography: Frank Grunert
  • Editor: Christiane Lonk
  • Screenplay: Aykut Kayacik
  • Music: Oliver Blankenburg
  • Cast: Joachim Król, Axel Pape, Andreja Schneider
  • Contacts: MDC Int. GmbH
  • Producer: Knut Winkler
  • Production: Dura Media GmbH & Co.

Aykut Kayacik

Aykut Kayacik (1962, Turkey) studied architecture and acting in Berlin and has acted in theatre, film and TV. He has written and directed the following short films: Der Barmann (1993), Mein bester Freund ist ne Kartoffel (1994), Guten Morgen Deutschland (Good Morning Germany, 1998).