Small Station

An older woman and her mentally disabled son arrive at a train station. Even the dispatcher wonders what they are doing there, as they sit and watch passing trains. The film will remind you how nice it is to stop and look around. Best short film at IFF Venice in 2005.

  • Taiwan
  • 2005, 30 min
  • Director: Lin Chien-Ping
  • Director of photography: Ch. Ting-Chang, Y. Ching-Kuo, L. Chien-Ping
  • Editor: Chen Po-Wen, Wen Chih-Ming
  • Screenplay: Pai Yun-Ju
  • Music: Chen Chien-Nien
  • Cast: Tao Chuang-Chen, Tu Li-Chu
  • Contacts: Pai Yun-Ju
  • Producer: Pai Yun-Ju, Lin Chien-Ping
  • Production: Pai Yun-Ju, Lin Chien-Ping

Lin Chien-Ping

Lin Chien-Ping started his career as a cinematographer. He lived in Paris and New York for eight years studying directing and cinematography and is now a well-established director in Taiwan. Films: The Other Side of the River (1999), Journey (2000), Small Station (2005).