How Olin Lost His Eye

Loitering around a burnt-down house is not the greatest of ideas. But tell this to a curious little Olin who just likes to peek where he shouldn’t.

  • Ireland
  • 2014, 6 min
  • Director: Damian McCarthy
  • Director of photography: Jason Keane
  • Editor: Damian McCarthy
  • Screenplay: Damian McCarthy
  • Music: Damian McCarthy
  • Cast: Taghd O'Leary Ashford, Frank Hurley

Damian McCarthy

Damian Mc Carthy studied at the St. Johns University in Cork. His four short horror commedies He dies at the end, Hatch (2009), Hungry Hickory (2010) and Never Ever Open It (2011) were screened at many prestigious film festivals all around the world and won multiple awards. He is now working at two new short films and is writing a screenplay to a horror feature.