Two septuagenarian bachelors Uggi and Kiddi work together at sea and relax in a hot tub. A beautiful peer Rosa who appears by their pool one day disturbs their marriage-like routine. Kiddi has a brilliant idea to invite her to Uggi’s birthday party. Their friendship is suddenly at stake… 

  • Iceland
  • 2014, 15 min
  • Director: Jörundur Ragnarsson
  • Director of photography: Gunnar Auðunn Jóhannsson
  • Editor: Jörundur Ragnarsson
  • Screenplay: Jörundur Ragnarsson, Elizabeth Rose
  • Cast: Sigurður Skúlason, Theódór Júlíusson
  • Contacts: Christof Wehmeier
  • Producer: Elizabeth Rose
  • Production: Dórundur, Sagafilm

Jörundur Ragnarsson

Jörundur Ragnarsson is a well-recognized Icelandic actor, screenwriter and newly also director. He has contributed to several TV mini series as an actor or author. Chum is directing debut and it got the Grand Prix at the Montreal Film Festival.