AliEN0089 Wins the Labo Competition

The Labo competition section presents fresh and innovative approaches to cinematic language and narrative forms. This year, the jury consisting of musician Monika Omerzu Midriaková, writer Petr Šesták and designer Ivana Kocmanová, awarded the Prize for best film to AliEN0089  by Chilean director Valerie Hofmann. „The jury awards the festival’s main prize to AliEN0089. Despite their diversity, the experimental layering and interwoven planes of form and content produce a coherent whole. The film’s message about the self and about a society that exists in neither the virtual nor the real world but at their place of intersection, at their vaguely defined boundaries, is an unsettling reflection of our reality,“ said jury in the joint statement. 

Special mention goes to Kinderfilm by the guerilla collective Total Refusal. „The gaming environment of GTA becomes a humorous and chilling metaphor for empty lives in which something is missing, but it’s definitely not cars. Fortunately, in a world where everyone dances mechanically only with themselves, we can still find a hero who is looking for something,” reads the jury statement. 

Both films are available for online viewing at KVIFF.TV from March 3rd until March 17th.

From the film AliEN0089From the film Kinderfilm