Consultation workshop for creators of short films

Are you planning to shoot a short film and to apply for a production grant from the Czech Film Fund? The Prague Short Film Festival is offering a consultation workshop aimed at script development and on putting together a project proposal for the Fund.

The workshop’s aim is to help a selected maximum five projects to develop a well-written, comprehensively mastered, and original and ambitious script that is relevant within the context of contemporary film production while also having a chance of receiving support from the Czech Film Fund (deadline for submissions: February 2020) – i.e., of being realized.

The selected projects’ filmmakers gain a chance for individual consultations aimed at the script’s dramaturgical development. Both of the experts – Pavel Strnad (producer, Negativ) and Olmo Omerzu (director) – have worked on internationally recognized films and have recent experience producing short films with festival ambitions.

At the same time, the selected up to five projects can consult preparations for their application to the Czech Film Fund with Helena Bendová (teacher, member of the board of the Czech Film Fund).

The workshop is intended for projects with a maximum running time of 25 min.
Deadline for submission of scripts: 4 Dec. 2019
Preliminary workshop dates: 16 Dec. 2019 and 15 Jan. 2020

You can send your scripts via email by 4 December to:

In the body of the email, please provide the following information, and attach the script and a synopsis.


Title of project:
Estimated running time:
Synopsis (max.1 standard page)
If you have any questions, please contact us at