The End

Charlotte Rampling is devastated. She just caught a rerun of He Died with His Eyes Open on TV, and realized that she has been erased and replaced by another actress: Liz Gareth, who the media is calling “the new Charlotte”.

  • France
  • 2011, 17 min
  • Director: Didier Barcelo
  • Director of photography: André Chemetoff
  • Editor: Eric Jacquemin, Roxane Huet
  • Screenplay: Didier Barcelo, Benjamin Parent
  • Music: Professeur Inlassable, Arthur Simoniki, Chkrrr
  • Cast: Charlotte Rampling, Gérard Darmon, Géraldine Nakache

Didier Barcelo

Didier Barcelo worked as a copy writer in advertising companies for a few years, creating all sorts of advertising campaigns, later he also started directing commercials. In 2003, he made his first short film Les Crayons. Moved on directing commercials for brands like Harley Davidson, Orangina, Evian, or Ikea and made animated short film James Monde (2005), Les N’importe quoi (2009) and short live-action The End (2011). Didier is developing his first feature Cassandra and the Mayers.