The Main Prize goes to In the Year of the Monkey

This year, the international competition featured 21 films from 18 countries, including the Czech republic. The five members of the international jury, which awarded the Grand Prix with a 2 000 EURO bonus, were Ivana Ivišić (sales agent, Chroatia), Anna Johnson Ryndová (editor, the Czech republic), Mick Hannigan (festival programmer, Ireland), Kjell Åhlund (producer, Sweden) and Václav Kadrnka (director, Czech reublic). The jury awarded the Grand Prix to a 13 minutes long Indonesian film In the Year of the Monkey. The jury concluded, that „while formally simple, the film is complex in its significance. The film surprises us through its shift from comedic elements to comments on social situation, family and on sexuality. This is a film of startling originality. “